Constellations and Shooting Stars (5)

Shooting Star

Constellations & Shooting Stars

Have you ever stopped and stared at the stars? Thousands of years ago, people would look at the stars and use their imaginations to see shapes and patterns created by the points of light. These shapes and patterns—called constellations—often represented gods, men and women from…

Girl with a telescope

The Constellations of Spring (March to May)

We can use the dipper to find other stars and constellations. For example, by drawing an invisible line through Merak and Dubhe, we come to Polaris, the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. Polaris is special because it appears directly above…

Girl With a Telescope

The Constellations of Summer (June to August)

Starting at Merak, draw a line through Megrez, Alioth and Mizar and you’ll come to the constellation Hercules. It’s not especially bright and it may take you a few tries to see it. If you come to a bright, white star, that’s Vega, the brightest…